About Me

Chiharu Tanaka was born and raised in Japan. She completed her Bachelor's degree of Textile Design in Tokyo and worked at design companies for a few years. She subsequently received her MFA in Graphic Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2009. Her design practice is shaped by her experiences in different cultures, and in textile design, advertising and graphic design; as well as typeface design, which was the core element of her Masters Thesis. Her experience living in two different cultures has heightened her interest in finding balance between Eastern and Western design. She is especially passionate about creating functional and innovative typefaces.

After hours, she can often be found designing fonts on her own. Also, she has sadly realized that cursive writing is disappearing alongside western cultural traditions such as lot of kids can't read the letters from their grandparents. Due to this, she also teaches cursive writing and brush lettering at local elementary schools and workshops for kids.

Stay in touch

Email: chiharu@chiharutanaka.com